EOSC Association Stakeholder Registry

EOSC Association Stakeholder Registry

The EOSC Association is the focal point for stakeholders such as research funders, policy makers, research-performing organisations and operators of research infrastructures, that contribute to shaping the future developments of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). The Association intends to provide a single European voice for the purpose of advocacy and representation of all stakeholders in a collective manner. It facilitates communication, outreach and engagement with its members and observers, external service providers, research communities, stakeholder organisations and society as a whole to assure transparency, and promotes Open Science for the benefit of all.

You have been actively involved in EOSC-related projects and activities in the past. In order to maintain GDPR-compliant contact with you and to deepen our collaboration in the future, we invite you to complete the following stakeholder registry. The stakeholder registry will be open until  29 October 2021

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